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About Industrial Affiliates Programs

Industrial Affiliates Programs provide a mechanism for multiple faculty and multiple companies to discuss and explore broad research topics in a pre-competitive environment. In these programs, Stanford faculty and students can learn about industry perspectives and priorities, and corporate members are exposed to new ideas and research directions. Stanford has a wide range of Affiliates Programs and many corporate members. A list of Stanford’s Industrial Affiliates Programs can be found here.

Membership benefits do not include a statement of work, deliverables, or rights to intellectual property. More directed research relationships may be arranged through sponsored research agreements.

Requirements are outlined below and detailed on the Dean of Research website.

Industrial Affiliates Programs, their websites and any related agreements must be reviewed and approved in advance at formation and when renewed each year.

New program applications and program renewals may be submitted here.

For more information, contact the Industrial Contracts Office:

Operating Principles

Industrial Affiliates Programs operate according to the principles of:

  • Compliance with the University’s Openness in Research policy;
  • Publication and broad sharing of results;
  • Faculty freedom to pursue research topics and methodology of their choice;
  • Conformance to the University’s primary mission of teaching and research; and
  • Enrichment of the educational experiences of students and postdocs.


Affiliates Program websites provide important program details including the following:

Member Benefits

Typical membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to meetings/workshops/symposia
  • Opportunities to engage with Program faculty and students
  • Opportunities to recruit students
  • Invitations to send Visiting Scholar(s) to the Program